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Spiritual Gifts Assessment




True Sometimes

True Most

of the Time

Always True







1.   I relate & measure everything I experience accordingly to God’s Word.

2.   Others seem to look to me for advice and help.

3.   I’m easily bothered by others’ lack of compassion.

4.   I don’t take anything at face value.

5.   I can visualize the “big picture” of a major project.

6.   When others are in my home I like to wait on them “hand and foot.”

7.   I feel compelled to give financially to others.

8.   I will speak the truth whether or not it causes hurt feelings.

9.   I can organize and delegate people and resources easily.

10.  I feel compelled to share knowledge.

11.  Discouraged people are often encouraged by my words.

12.  I neglect my own work in order to help others.

13.  I easily identify tasks that need to get done and do them myself.

14.  I enjoy doing little things to help people.

15.  My natural tendency is to step up and take control.

16.  I cheerfully give time or money, regardless of how much I have to give.

17.  I have compassion for all living creatures.

18.  I don’t hesitate to give constructive criticism.

19.  People see me as a frank and outspoken person.

20.  People seem to learn easily from me.

21.  I can be described as responsible, charitable, and disciplined.

22.  I don’t expect repayment for favors I do for others.

23.  Others tell me I’m a good listener.

24.  Communicating the facts in a situation is something I do well.

25.  I am a task oriented person.

26.  I find it easy to maintain an optimistic outlook.

27.  I will stand alone on something I believe in strongly.

28.  I will not confront others if I feel it may hurt them.

29.  I give well above my tithe to the Body of Christ.

30.  While I’m frugal in personal spending, I’m often led to give to others.

31.  I enjoy research as well as sharing what I find.

32.  I am compelled to comfort people who are hurting or suffering.

33.  Deadlines challenge me & I usually meet them on time.

34.  I can discern the motives of others fairly easily.

35.  I find strength from bearing other’s burdens.

36.  My use of knowledge may appear prideful.

37.  I can create order out of organizational chaos.

38.  I volunteer my time and talents to worthwhile causes.

39.  I’m moved with compassion to cry with others.

40.  I can select the best person for particular tasks.

41.  My focus on right and wrong may be read as being judgmental.

42.  I enjoy helping others develop a plan of action to deal with their concerns.

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