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Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission

We are a fellowship of believers who help people grow in their relationship with God.

Our Vision

 We are a fellowship of believers who will introduce people to GOD, by the way we live, helping them find and follow Jesus.

Our Values
  1. Fellowship: We are a fellowship of believers who meet regularly, who are interested in each others needs, and want to care for each other.

  2. Introduction: Based on 1 Peter 2:12, we will introduce people to a knowledge of Jesus by our words and by our witness.

  3. Find: Based on 1 Peter 3:15, we will train our members to recognize a person’s interest in Jesus and act on that interest. We will help transition individuals from a knowledge of Jesus to a decision for Jesus.

  4. Follow: We will help these new believers follow Jesus through discipleship, instruction, and worship. 

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