Sermons: 2020

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It’s a great feeling to be chosen! Whether it is on the playground as children, in front of a crowd the day our spouse said, “I do", or when we are hired for that job for which we trained, it’s exciting to be chosen. On April 5, 2020 we were challenged to live a transformed life according to who we are in Christ, the adopted children of God – recipients of God’s promise of mercy to all who actively believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Please join us in reading Romans 9, in preparation for this message: Children of the Promise. Click on the image to listen. Click on the Facebook logo to watch.


Additional Sermon Series

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God: Revealed

January 5, 2020 to the Present

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Can You Trust God

March 22, 2020

In times of national crises followers of Jesus should maintain a posture of trust while taking appropriate precautions. Bible-believers can model a spirit of trust as they remind each other of God's promises and character. This grounding will enable us to better care for and serve those around us. Click on the image or the Facebook logo to watch.