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Meet Our Minister 

Lance Lorenz
  his wife, Annie
    son, Davey
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      daughter, Tabby

Raised in a Christian home, Jesus was commonplace. But as I grew, I realized I needed more than just a knowledge of Jesus, I needed a relationship with Him. Wanting that relationship, I was baptized into Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection when I was eight years old. Through the years my relationship with Jesus deepened, leading me to a decision to continue studying God’s Word at a Christian college. Recognizing a need for strong leaders in the church today, I planned to pursue as well-rounded an experience as possible. To understand the many facets of ministry, I sought out as many opportunities to volunteer as possible. What I could not learn through hands-on experience I sought through my degree. By the end of my undergrad I had served in most areas of ministry in some way or another. In addition, to further my understanding of missions, I made cross-cultural evangelism the focus of my degree, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mission and Bible. Once my degree was complete, I moved into a secular career as a financial advisor with the intention of someday becoming an elder in my local congregation.


However, God often has other plans for His children. Even though my career as a financial advisor was beginning to blossom, I found less and less satisfaction from it. Meanwhile, God was blessing me with fulfillment through the volunteer ministries where I was serving. I used to watch the clock drag by at work while I was waiting to go serve. God was subtlety guiding me into vocational ministry. I eventually relocated to Wisconsin to work in youth ministry. One year later, I was offered a preaching ministry where I served for the next eleven years. Through all the ups and downs, God was always present.


In the summer of 2014, God had yet another adventure in store for me. He brought the most amazing young lady into my path. I could not believe how God had been preparing her just for me, but that is another story. On May 9th, 2015 Annie and I were married. She has been the greatest blessing in life and in ministry I could imagine. Shortly after first meeting we realized if we were going to pursue a deeper relationship we needed to live closer together. So, I sold my home in Wisconsin and began looking for ministry opportunities near Rochester, Minnesota. It was not long before God led me to a small congregation with a huge heart in Pleasant Grove. Since the beginning of 2015, they have become more than our church, they have become our family. We have been welcomed with the love of Christ. We are so excited about what is happening through this small church in a little town of which few have ever heard. There is so much energy. We cannot wait to see what God does in the years to come.

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