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Kent Larson
     an ABC 6
    "Pay It Forward"

On April 21st, 2016 ABC 6 News honored one of our own. It’s great to have Kent as part of our church family. Here’s what news anchor Laura Lee had to say:

“With a smile on his face, and an accordion in his hand, Kent Larson lights up a room with the sound of his voice. He performs at Sacred Heart Care Center in Austin once a week, and at local churches and schools.


Larson uses his gifts of music to spread joy and love. That’s why when Roger Langseth heard about ABC 6’s ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign, there was no question in his mind, ‘Instantly, I thought of him,’ Langseth explained. ‘He plays music and goes around to nursing care centers and civic organizations, and it’s much more than that.’


It’s something Kent says he enjoys, ‘It’s a privilege to be with people like these, and do music for them because anything that helps make their day, makes my day.’

Langseth says he knows the gift of money will not end with Kent, ‘The pay it forward concept of me doing it for him, I know he’s going to do it for other people, I mean, he already has and so it’s a great blessing.’”

Project CIDI Bridges

On May 15th, 2016 Regina Mustafa with Project CIDI Bridges visited our service at the Pleasant Grove Church of Christ. We had the opportunity to share the love Jesus Christ our Redeemer with her. Click on the image above to see what this non-believer wrote about her experience!

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